Seasonal Grains

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Our seasonal cereals are quite different than anything you might have had before. A cereal with sourdough? Really? Yes! Mixing ripe, fresh sourdough starter into this cereal provides a subtle crunch but not leaving you with loaded sugars and oils. This seasonal cereal has a slightly sweet touch, combining our heritage wheats, Swiss Wallis rye, and barley with blue corn or rye flours, dried fruit, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and subtle touches of seasonal spices. The toasted grains are crunchy and can be sprinkled on yogurt or eaten cold with milk. 

Packaged in compostable bags. 

Our summer seasonal toasted grain cereal contains the following:

Ingredients: Whole Grain Flakes* (Rye, Heritage Wheat, Barley), 100% Whole Grain Rye Sourdough Starter*, Blueberries*, Cranberries (Cane Sugar, Sunflower oil)*, Raw Millet*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Sunflower Seeds*, Colorado Honey, Heirloom Blue Corn Flour, Blueberries*, Cranberries (Cane sugar, Sunflower oil)*, Brown Sugar*, Orange Zest*, Ginger*, Salt (*organic ingredients) 

We currently have our Summertime Toasted Grains available in bulk (13.8 oz or 390g) or in our grain box with 10 individually packaged portions with 2 servings per bag (2.5 oz or 70g). The individual bags are perfect for travel, including the sturdy box in which they are shipped.

Our winter seasonal Porridge contains the following:

Ingredients: Whole Grain Flakes* (Rye, Heritage Wheat, Barley),100% Whole Grain Rye Flour, Pumpkin Seeds*, Sunflower Seeds*, Cranberries*, Mulberries*, Ginger*, Cinnamon*, Turmeric*, Cloves*, Salt (*organic ingredients)