About Us

Our Farm and Bakehouse

Our family farm operation was established in 1996 on the Pecos River of northern New Mexico, moved to Pueblo County, Colorado in 2000 and to Montezuma County in 2021. We chose McElmo canyon, near Cortez, to grow our seed crops in a more isolated setting, free of pollen drift.

Our mission is to renew and strengthen communities by stewarding the land and guiding the health of seed, food and people. 

We grow a diversity of certified organic crops on 30 irrigated acres including open pollinated seeds, chile peppers, varietal garlic, mixed vegetables, legumes and heritage grains, which we sell in the form of seeds, fresh produce and value added products at our Seed & Bakehouse.

Our shop is located at 25 North Beech Street, Cortez, Colorado 81321 and is open Fridays 12-6pm and Saturdays from 8am to 3pm. 

Our Practices, Experience & Orientation

We are dedicated to on-going learning and improvement on our farm. We have been certified Organic since 2001 and have designed our systems with principles and practices from rotational, conservation, regenerative, and biodynamic agricultural farming traditions. 

We have been growing seed and garlic for national seed companies for many years. Our customers include High Mowing Organic Seeds, Territorial Seed Company, Botanical Interests, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Fedco Seeds, Renee's Garden Seeds and farm-based seed companies such as Siskiyous Seeds, Redwood Seeds, Wood Prairie Seed, Restoration Seed and High Desert Seed. 

Our work with seeds also has a conservation and stewardship dimension. Over thousands of years subsistence and production farmers from all over the world have selected and handed down seeds and plants. We are grateful for the hard the work of farmers, and the seeds themselves, and we do our best to keep them genetically pure so that they can continue to evolve while in our care. We also do our best to tell the stories of seeds and food as they have been told to us and through personal observation and kitchen work!

Dan Hobbs & Nanna Meyer