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Farm Tours, Workshops, Events

We offer farm tours, workshops, and event support depending on the request. 

Farm Tours: We offer ~2-hour farm tours with focus on seed, produce, and grain production as part of a certified organic farming system in a semi-arid climate. Tours start at our farm stand on Road J and include a seed-to-kitchen experience as a delicious farm-tour ending. Farm tours require a $250 minimum, with a $25/person extra charge if groups exceed 10 people. Groups limited to 20 people. (Monday-Thursday and Saturdays). Saturday tours end at our downtown Cortez facility. To schedule a farm tour please contact 

Workshops: We offer year-round half-day workshops from seed and field to kitchen with focus on garlic, chile, and grains. These topical themes can be selected by interest and can either focus on garlic, chile, or grains or a combination of these crops. Workshops may be field and/or kitchen based depending on weather and time of year. Workshops require a $1000 minimum, with a $100/person extra charge if groups exceed 10 people. Groups limited to 15-20 participants. Weekdays only (Monday-Thursday). To schedule a workshop please contact

Events: We offer occasional special events in McElmo Canyon and will post schedules here. Other event support by request. Please contact 




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