Certified Organic Heirloom & Improved Seed

We grow 100% open-pollinated, non-GMO varieties and select for drought tolerance, nutrition and superior flavor.

Please note we typically sell out of seed garlic by harvest time in July. For full varietal selection, we encourage pre-ordering. We fill orders on a first-come, first-serve basis and ship during the month of September.


As part of our workshop series, we also offer "The Great Garlic Experience" Workshop. This workshop gives attendees a background into the history and agriculture of garlic before diving into the nutritional and health aspects of this incredible plant. This workshop also highlights culinary applications through delicious tasters that ignite cultural reflections of garlic’s distinct flavors and inspires its incorporation in diverse dishes in the kitchen and as a remedy in the home apothecary. Workshop may be experienced at our farms or in your location of choice (travel time and mileage must be covered). 10 person minimum. For more information, contact us.