REFILL Rye Catcher Cookie

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This product is a refill for your tin! We try to reduce our footprint by reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging. This refill for your reusable tin is packaged in compostable Non GMO sugar-cane based cellophane. The sticker is also compostable. Your cookie refills get shipped in a kraft box wrapped in 1 sheet of kraft paper. We believe strongly that packaging solutions are critical to lower the polluting burden on our planet. We also encourage you to first get a tin and then order the refills. Our tins are meant for the beautification and organization of your pantry. 

This cookie is decadent yet robust in flavor and texture. The cookie is made with our ancient Wallis Rye (Ur-Roggen in German) and a blend of Red Fife and Austrian Red, both interestingly diverse wheats. All three grains bring outstanding flavors in an irresistibly delicious and nutritious cookie. This cookie has hints of vanilla and pairs well with your breakfast rituals -- coffee, tea, or as sweet endings after dinner with a glass of milk.

Rye catcher cookies are made with certified organic, whole and heritage grains grown on family farms. 12.3 oz. per tin.

Ingredients; Organic whole grain flour (Wallis Rye, Red Fife, Austrian Red), organic butter, organic almond meal, organic brown sugar, Utah Real salt, vanilla bean