Blue Corn and Cracked Rye Hot Cereal

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Inspired from New Mexico's atole breakfast drink, this hot cereal is a blend of blue corn and cracked rye with a touch of organic thyme and Utah salt. It is stone milled using the entire kernel of both grains. It is a breakfast porridge but can also be leveraged for dinner! Pairs great with both sweet and savory. Add fresh or dried berries and pecans and a touch of maple syrup for breakfast. This cereal has subtle flavors of corn and earthy flavors of rye with a surprising hint of thyme. It  contains 5g of fiber/serving. 

If you have left overs, chill in the fridge then add to pan with olive oil and crisp up with our garlic powder and a touch of parmesan cheese to pair with dinner. 

Cooking instructions are on the tin! 

Blue Corn and Cracked Rye Hot Cereal is made with certified organic, whole, heritage, and heirloom grains grown on our farm. 

Ingredients: Cracked blue corn and Wallis rye, thyme, REAL salt 

Manufactured in a facility that also processes WHEAT