Decorative Grain Bundle with Braid Tie

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Grain bundles are made with the most suited certified organic, heritage grains. They are bound with twine which is wrapped by a braid. Grain bundles in your home are always attractive, outside and indoors. They can be hung upside down or twisted to stand on your front porch for Thanksgiving. These bundles hold for years.

Small, medium, and large available. They are beautiful gifts and come with a grain literacy tag that tells the grain's story. Large diameter is around 4 inches and 3 ft long. Medium diameter is around 2-3 inch and 2-2.5 ft long. Small diameter is around 1.5 inches and 1 ft long. Small bundles are nice on your dining table, in a clear vase, or as decoration on a shelf.

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Shipping is not included in price. Varies from $15-25 depending on size and location.