White Corn Chilé Grits

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This creamy white corn is a flint corn with both soft and hard endosperm and originally from Mexico. It traveled north to New Mexico and Southern Colorado and became one of the most widely used corn to make chicos (harvested a bit green, roasted in the traditional horno, and dried for winter). We use this beautiful and tall corn for its long white ears and good yield here in a grits consistency, using both flour and the cracked corn kernel from stone milling. We add our own red Pueblo chile and a touch of Utah salt. 

Pair with roasted vegetables, garlic, and olive oil or butter, cheese and cracked black pepper. The flavor of this corn is rich, the consistency creamy, and using the full kernel in this product doubles its fiber content compared to other corn products (5 g of fiber per serving)! Your gut microbes will be happy too. 

Cooking instructions are on the tin!

White Corn Chile Grits is made with certified organic, heirloom corn and Pueblo Chile grown on our farm. 13.75 oz. per tin.

Ingredients: Organic heirloom corn, organic Pueblo chile, REAL salt.

Manufactured in a Facility that also processes WHEAT, MILK, EGGS, TREE NUTS, SESAME.