Badger Bread

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This is our signature loaf made with 100% whole grains, including freshly milled einkorn, spelt, turkey red, or red fife wheat and rye. I call this our signature bread because it reminds me of Wallis- a mountainous region in Switzerland and the home of the best glacier skiing. Every summer and fall I would spend months in the Wallis region, eating Walliser Brot daily. I wanted to make this bread first because I miss it so much. Once I am able to make this bread with our own Pueblo-grown Wallis rye (coming in 2021) I will call it Walliser Brot. For now, it is the Badger Hills bread. All breads are $5/lbs. They are over 24 hrs fermented using an einkorn and rye starter and are as natural as bread should be with water and salt added to the flour.